Kuching International LTD. hereby declares

Kuching International LTD. is working hard to protect the rights for our valued customers and clients, thus we are here to declare the following statement as below:

We have found several counterfeits mainly on the internet (online shops), and those counterfeits are using our trademark, logo and information without our authorisation. 

Our products are directly shipped from our headquarter, and we have never authorised our products to any retailers nor online-selling.
Anyone who is using our trademark, logo, information illegally, selling counterfeits, damaging our valued reputation will be responsible for law matters.

To ensure our quality to be met at perfect standard, please contact your faucet retailer for any after-sale service to make sure our cartridge is compatible with yours.

Our head office is located in Taichung only ( address as below). If you have any questions, please phone us: 04-25680589

No.23, Longshan 3rd St., Daya Dist., Taichung City 42863, Taiwan(R.O.C.)